Robert O’Haver Media Contact & Biography


I started doing Search Engine Optimization in early 2001 and I’ve been hooked ever since. From a curious guy with a hobby, it quickly became my profession working my way up to through the ranks. in the last 17 years in the industry, I have successfully helped small companies all the way up to fortune 500.
In 2006 I wanted To add to my skill set by learning all I could about paid search Advertising. So, I took several Google classes and seminars to learn Google Adwords and Bing Paid Search Marketing, followed shortly by paid advertising on social media platforms.  I eventually received all 5 Adwords Certification plus another for Google Analytics and Bing.
One of my passions is helping others, in my industry, there is so much bad information out there. I wanted a way to get the good information to people so I  launching a Youtube channel, speaking at seminars, giving regular interviews, and giving webinars on Google Hangouts. I also partnered up with some of the top influences in the industry to spread the good word about best practices. This was just not effective enough for me and just not reaching enough people. That is how my Podcast came to be, called Search, Talk Live.  This allowed me the opportunity to continue doing what I love and helping others be successful online.  My podcast has hit 103 episodes and is listen to by 70,000 people all over the world.


Media Inquiries

I am available anytime if you need quotes for your article, radio or if you need an expert for a news peace.