On this upcoming live episode of Search Talk Live, we’re talking retargeting with ROAR! Internet Marketing President and CEO Matt Weber.

Be sure to tune in live this upcoming Tuesday, March 22nd at 3:30 EST on our Listen Live page as we discuss search engine marketing and retargeting. If you have questions, be sure to email us at caleb@searchtalklive.com or robert@searchtalklive.com and have you questions answered on the air.

About Matt Weber

Matt Weber has an extensive background in marketing with more than 30 years of experience using nearly every marketing medium.  At ROAR! Internet Marketing, he and his team fuse direct marketing principles with the latest in web development technology to create websites and Internet strategies for clients all over the country. ROAR! is known for applying a unique direct marketing perspective to web design and Internet marketing.  

Matt is a Certified Google AdWords individual and a sought‐after international trainer in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. In the past two years, Matt has taught thousands of individuals, agencies and business owners how to use Google AdWords in more than two dozen cities across North America.

His company, ROAR! Internet Marketing routinely achieves conversion rates for Google AdWords that are twice as high as the national average. ROAR! Internet Marketing is a Google Certified Partner and is a member of the Digital Analytics Association. Matt currently is a Trustee for the Orlando Museum of Art and serves as a member of the Seminole County Public Schools Business Advisory Board.

Matt first embraced the fundamentals of advertising during a 15‐year career in the television industry. He wrote and produced more than 1,000 television commercials and promotional announcements. He has also won numerous awards for creativity including local, regional and national Addy Awards and a Gold Medallion for radio creative from ProMax, the national trade association for broadcast marketing professionals.