At Search Talk Live, we love discussing tools and resources that enhance the digital marketing experience. That is why we are ecstatic that Jon Henshaw will be joining us on this Tuesday’s live episode.

John HenshawJon Henshaw is the Co-founder and President of Raven Tools, a digital marketing and reporting platform. He has been involved with website development and Internet strategy since 1995.  Before Raven, he worked as an Interaction Designer for Visa in Denver, CO, where he helped develop Web applications for their consumer and corporate customers.

Raven Tools is known for its many tools that have helped SEOs in all aspects of digital marketing. But their most popular tool, which has recently received some big improvements to provide an even better experience, is their Site Auditor. Tired of waiting a month or longer to obtain a crawl report for your website? No worries, the new Site Auditor allows you to crawl your website daily. Up to 10,000 pages. You heard right.

Make sure to tune in this Tuesday, December 1st, at 3:30 ET as we discuss digital marketing and the service provided by Raven Tools with Jon Henshaw. You won’t want to miss it. Click here to listen live. Want to listen to past episodes of Search Talk Live? Visit our page on or download episode in the iTunes Store.