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This week, our guest on STL is Nick Disabato. Nick is a designer & writer from Chicago. He currently runs an interaction design consultancy that focuses on research-driven A/B testing.

Nick graduated from Northwestern University in 2004, majoring in applied math and pure math with a minor in English. After undergrad, he received a master’s in information science with a concentration in human-computer interaction from The University of North Carolina.

He has previously worked for clients such as The Wirecutter, New Music USA, Double Your Freelancing, and Chicago Magazine. In his three years running Draft Revise for dozens of customers – planning, executing, and analyzing hundreds of A/B tests in the process – he’s learned everything possible about optimizing sites so it captures more wallet-out customers in their target market.

We want Nick to feel welcome on SearchTalkLive. If you want your question to be featured on the show, just email us at robert@searchtalklive.com. Follow us on Twitter and listen in our iHeartRadio app to keep up with all the latest STL news!

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