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Sean Duggan is the Co-Founder at Geobid, a retargeting tool for small businesses. He been a digital marketer for 7 years and started Geobid 2 ½ years ago with his business partner David Cantor. I’ve spent most of my career as an in-house marketing manager for my business partner’s law firm and managed their 7-figure online advertising budget. We were spending a large amount on display advertising so we decided to bring our media buying in-house and developed our own demand-side platform (DSP) to cut out the middlemen and control 100% of our ad buys.
At this time he saw a lot of small business marketers (especially law firms) having trouble running retargeting campaigns so we partnered up and created Geobid to solve this problem. We modified our platform to be self-serve for other marketers to use and also provide free services (ad design, pixel onboarding, etc.) to make it easy for small business marketers to get started with retargeting.

They knew we’re not the first to market with a self-serve retargeting platform but we saw major issues current vendor faced when scaling to small businesses. We pivoted many times and ultimately found a scalable solution which mainly consists of clear pricing, simple on-boarding & a few other value points that have been very successful.
Sean is excited to share his story of how they got started, where they are at today and what they have planned for tomorrow!

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